Lucky (Luciano), Bobo (Roberto) and Raniero (Ronnie), founders of the band, friends since their childhood, started playing in the early 60s. During the following fifteen years they gave life to various groups, all of them very well known in the musical environment of the Capitol City; among these: the "Flashes / Galaxies" band that played at that time in the most prestigious venues in Rome, first of all the famous "Piper Club" together with the most famous bands of that time, the Icebergs (Winners of the first edition of the Canta- Lazio), Tsuru, Jaguars, Delta and Route 66. Subsequently, their musical experience matured individually in other countries such as: USA, Great Britain and Australia. Following the previous individual experiences, in 1985 they met again to give life, together with other musicians, to a musical genre hitherto unpublished in Italy, Country Music, forming the present TEXARKANA ensemble. Since then this band has always performed successfully throughout Italy and other European countries, both in places where you listen to live music and in events where especially horses and motorcycles had the leading role as well as farmhouses and Western Riding horse shows and others such as: rodeo, motorcycle rallies, beer festivals, various kinds of festivals, etc. not to mention countless Western / Far West theme saloons, restaurants, bars, clubs and dance-halls. Also, in Abruzzo, at one of the many Western Mounting show, Mogol,a famous song-writer which was one of the organizers, congratulated us as he remained impressed by our performance and sound. Some specialized magazines have also written flattering reviews stating that finally in Italy there was also a musical group specialized in this kind of music. The band has also played in various T.V. shows. TEXARKANA plays the music of the Far West to which people dance the famous "Line Dance" the Cow Boys group dance. On some occasions they have also played for fashion shows, presentation of off-road vehicles (Mercedes SUVs), and also for a number of events and parties for the different English-speaking communities. Lately, for some of their anniversaries, holidays, etc. even for the American Embassy (U.S.A.) here in Rome. (Photos and clips unfortunately not released for security reasons). Over the past two years TEXARKANA have been invited to represent Italy at some of the most prestigious European Country Music Festivals. In 2004 the most important of the Eastern European countries, in Mrongowo, Poland, where, as expressly requested by the guest of honor, Billy Joe Shaver and his band, they performed in a Jam Session receiving the compliments of all of them included his soloist, Mick Taylor, a former Rolling Stones. In 2005 in Munich, Germany and Sulomino (Poland) the band performed at the Western Piknik along with other famous bands such as Lonstar. Wayne Law, Patricia Vonn, etc .. and invited to this Festival several times. Furthermore, in 2006, they performed live on the Lithuanian State T.V. on a popular morning broadcast, while there, the group also played at the Broadvejus, a famous club in Vilnius, moreover, representing Italy, performed at the most prestigious Northern European Country Music Festival, in Visagino, always in Lithuania in the city stadium where, by virtue of their concert , there were over 25,000 people present. At this event they performed several years as can be seen from the videoclips on Youtube “Texarkana Visagino”. Meanwhile, Texas Drover Record of Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. having heard of us through some friends of the owner on holidays in Poland, in the audience at one of our shows as well as having seen some videoclips posted on Youtube, asked to publish our. CD "First ride" which was broadcast for a long time by countless radio stations in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, etc., as well as in other countries such as South America, Australia and New Zealand. In the summer of 2005 the Texarkana, thanks to their particular musical genre, were called to play on the movie set of the famous Italian director Paolo Sorrentino (Oscar winner, etc.), "L'amico di famiglia" (The family friend). As a matter of fact, the story takes place in the Line-Dance (Western group dance)environment and, in such scenes, TEXARKANA play accompanying the lead singer. The name assumed by the band "TEXARKANA" is the name of a small town that has the peculiarity of having been founded and developed at the turn of three Southern states of the U.S.A. which are, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana and its name is the anagram of their names. The said town, which is located near Dallas and Fort Worth (Texas), having met our band via Internet as well as having listened, on the various radios, to our CD at the time broadcasted by Texas Drover Records, in 2010 invited us to perform in some of their consecutive occurrences. In this circumstance, we wrote a tune, as a tribute to the city as a thank you for their invitation "This Texarkana Song" (on Youtube). In this circumstance, being in the vicinity, we were also invited to perform in the famous Saloon "White Elephant" in Fort Worth, temple of the Country Music where the greatest artists, true legends, of this musical genre played. (See photos).